Halloween Traditions In America

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Halloween is one of the most celebrated holidays in the world. It has a different meaning other than being scary. It's celebrated in many countries, and in different ways. It's also not an American started holiday. Halloween was created because the Irish celts thought the barrier between ghosts and spirits had gotten really thin, releasing “weird creatures with unearthly powers.” The holiday was made to scare away see monsters and “avoid demonic ridicule.” They had costume parties to scare away these monsters, they thought they saw. There are few traditions in America but of them are greatly celebrated. During only the 20th century is when all of the traditions were really popular. Today many people have costume parties or go to them. Playing tricks is also part of Halloween, not just for April 1st any more. Giving out candy is a big part of these American traditions. …show more content…

It was the Irish celts that had the crazy idea for Halloween, it makes sense that we call them jack o’ lanterns. Trick or treating was enjoyed by the celts and children. The Irish still have a few different traditions like a card game where they would flip over a card and get a prize like fruit cake. European celts also celebrated it for a while but France hadn't really celebrated it. They thought of it as an American holiday and quite unknown in France until 1996. Many other countries also celebrate Halloween. These countries are Austria, Belgium, Canada, China, Czechoslovakia, England, Germany, Ireland, Sweden, Korea, Japan, Spanish speaking countries, and America. Some of their traditions are kind of odd but America still has some weird traditions to. In Hong Kong, people would burn fruit and money. Back in older England, children would make make punkies out of large beetroots which they would carve, like we do with pumpkins, and run through the streets singing the “Punkie Night Song” and ask people for

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