Hamlet : A Tragic Hero

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Hamlet: A Tragic Hero William Shakespeare is known through the ages as a brilliant playwright. He has written several comedies and tragedies that people have loved through decades. Shakespeare’s plays have been interpreted in many different ways and have been debated on which interpretation is correct. Some of these included even the basis of the character’s persona. In the Shakespearean tragedy Hamlet, the main protagonist, Prince Hamlet, is fated by the ghost of his late father that, because of his tragic flaw of procrastination, leads him to his self-destruction which deems him a tragic hero. For characters to be considered a tragic hero, they must first be destined by the gods or any other form of the supernatural. In the first act of Hamlet, the Ghost, who is believed to be the late King Hamlet, appears to his son, Prince Hamlet, to destine him to seek revenge for the late king’s death. In order for the Prince to do this, he must kill his father’s brother and now king, Claudius, who killed King Hamlet in his sleep. Even though some of the characters who saw the ghost are not even sure that this is truly the ghost of King Hamlet, Hamlet believes that it is his father due to the fact that the ghost was wearing what appeared to be the King’s royal armor. Hamlet feels the need to follow what the ghost has set before him to do because of his relationship and loyalty to his father. This strong bond or loyalty he had for his father will be what drives the Prince to

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