Hamlet Act 1 Scene 1

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1. The first scene starts off with Bernardo and Francisco, soldiers on duty. Bernardo is telling Francisco to go to bed, but just after, they are joined by Horatio and Marcellus. Francisco leaves and the other three men continue to talk about ghosts and apparitions. Horatio expresses his disbelief in ghosts, but this soon changes when they are encountered with one. Horatio seems a bit scared, but because he is the scholar, Bernardo tells him to talk to the ghost, as that is the only way it will communicate with them. They believe it is the ghost of the late King of Denmark, but when Horatio suggests this, it seems offended and goes away. The men seem to take the ghosts as a warning about the threat of attack from Norway, because Prince …show more content…

Laetres is advising his sister, Ophelia, to be aware of the dangers of young love. He says she should not give her love to anyone, as young boys grow up to have many responsibilities and their intentions about love may change.
2. Laetres is warning his sister, Ophelia, about Hamlet.
3. Polonius advises his son to think before he acts, to be careful of who his friends are, but keep the true ones close, and to try not to get into fights, but if he does, to do his best to win. He also tells Laetres to reserve judgment, to buy items for their quality, not the impression they will make, and not to borrow or lend money. The most important piece of advice Polonius gives his son, is to be true to himself.
4. Polonius advises Ophelia to give herself more respect when it comes to Hamlet. He says she should not spend all of her time with him, and mistake all of the promises he makes to her, as true love.
5. Laetres’ response to his father’s advice, suggests that he will follow it, and Ophelia verbally states that she will follow the advice her father has given her as well.
6. My first impression of this family is that they are very close to one another. The children are very respectful of their father’s advice, suggesting that their family is very strong and loving of one another. They each care about each other’s well being very

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