Hamlet Madness Analysis

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Hamlet’s Madness
In William Shakespeare’s tragedy Hamlet, madness is first a strategic scheme for the prince to protect himself when he discovers his father was murdered. How he found out was through the ghost of his father who also asks Hamlet to avenge his death. He then forces himself into Ophelia’s room and he behaves like a lunatic, but in doing this he accomplishes tells Ophelia of his love for her and tries to convince everyone else that his maddened state is because of his relationship with her. He knows that Ophelia will tell her father, who in turn, tells the king.
Hamlet’s goal is accomplished because Ophelia’s father told Hamlet’s mother and uncle, who are convinced he is mad. What Hamlet doesn’t realize is when he did this he caused Ophelia to become depressed because she didn’t understand why she was being treated like this and she loves him very much.
We can see that Hamlet’s significant example of his scheme is when he is presented with a way to prove his father told him the truth of his murder. He says, “I’ll have these players play something like the murder of my father before mine uncle. I’ll observe his looks.” Hamlet invites a troupe to perform The Murder of Gonzago. During the play, he stages a re-enactment of his father’s murder to determine whether or not Claudius is guilty by the way he reacts. Hamlet narrates as everyone watches and when the murder scene is presented, Claudius jumps up and leaves which Hamlet perceives as his guilt.
This scene

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