Hamlet Solloquy Soliloquy Hamlet

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Soliloquy Final [bursting in, pacing angrily] How am I to contain this inferno? It burns up, threatens to consume me, leaving charred ashes of bitter hatred and blind rage even where once lay honour. [stops, speaking with obvious restraint] And yet my lord beseech me to douse it, to quench this fire with the very vehicle of my dear Ophelia’s death. A death that has so kindled this flame. [with great anger] I defy the rivulet my lord tries to set free, it turns to steam in the force of this boiling blaze. If only it could be that this same rage would vaporize the water from Ophelia’s lungs! Oh, Ophelia, a white lily plucked from her bouquet by Hamlet’s grasp, only to be cast so eagerly into the flowing river. How readily she was led to the …show more content…

He was given no noble rites which his status gives him the right to; his only sword was that which slayed him, the crimson wound it left his only crest. This foul dishonor must be met. And it can be met with naught but revenge upon he who has dulled my father’s name – my name – like it was no more than a whetstone to his brutal madness, which sharper than ever claimed my sister too. [with building resolve] I cannot raise my father nor my sister from where they lie, but I can raze the coward who lay them there. Like Nemesis1, I am fueled by vengeance and justice, and this time I will not – nay cannot – be smothered. The wildfire that rages within me, bright with righteous spite, shall scorch Hamlet with all the heat of the eternal punishment he deserves. [coming to a crescendo] These flames cannot be doused, even if the very heavens unleash a storm upon them. [calming slightly and becoming pensive] The heavens. [as though suddenly realizing what he has just said] How can I defy the heavens? Does this blaze of revenge burn what remains of the very honour I seek to restore? [holds the bottle of poison in his hand and stares at it pensively] This plan I have concocted twists around Hamlet, viper-like, with venom on the sword and the tongue. [as though he seeks to convince himself] He is justly met, surely. [pacing agitatedly] But what right have

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