Hamlet- The Role Of Women Essay

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	 	Today women have many rights. We can vote, work, and even voice our own opinions. In the past women were seen as mothers and housekeepers, always taught to respect, listen, and serve there husbands or the man of the house. In those days this was considered normal, therefore women had no choice but to obey and do as they were told. In Hamlet, Shakespeare portrays a similar relationship between women and men. He allows men to hold the higher position in the causing, them to treat women as lesser people and believed that women should listen to them and do as they were told. 	Ophelia a young women in Hamlet, she represents how women are treated. Ophelia obeys several different men in the play. One of the men is …show more content…

Ophelia is in love with Hamlet. She shares herself with him and is beginning a relationship, she wants to be with hamlet and believes he loves her "My lord, he hath importuned me with his love in honorable fashion"(pg 17 line 110). Polonius instructs Ophelia to stop seeing Hamlet. Polonius states that Hamlet doesn’t really love her and is only with her for one thing, and as soon as he gets enough he will want no more. 			Pol. Ay, springes to catch woodcocks. I do know, When the blood burns, how prodigal the soul 			Lends the tounge vows. These blazes, daughter, 			Giving more light than heat, extinct in both 			Even in their promise, as it is a-making, 			You must not take for fire. From this time 			Be something scanter of your maiden presence. Polonius believes that the fire that is burning within Hamlet fro his daughter will soon go out. Then Ophelia would loose here "maiden presence" her pure self. Ophelia does not believe this is true but trust her father enough to disregard what she feels and listen to her father," I shall obey, my lord" (pg18 line 136). 	Ophelia reaches a point where she can not think for herself and relies on her father to think for her. She subdues her feelings for a man she loves for another man whom she allows to

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