Hamlet's Character Essay : Hamlet As A Tragic Hero

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What, by definition, is a tragic hero? Is this someone who saves a city in calamity? Or perhaps a character we see in hero films? A "tragic hero" is a term coined by the great philosopher, Aristotle. He describes it as a literary device used to define a character who has poor judgment and someone who has experienced personal downfalls that inevitably leads to his/her destruction. I would argue that the main character in this play (in other words, Hamlet) is an example of such a character. His thoughts and actions are controlled by those of his father's’s last words; “foul and most unnatural murder”. Hamlet's final goal was to avenge his father's death, and with that path came many incidents where his actions had greatly affected himself and others around him, for example; while Hamlet was his mother's chamber, he heard a sudden noise that makes him stab the curtain, then to reveal, Polonius was behind the curtain. After many instances, Hamlet's decisions and actions led to his tragic fatal ending. What makes Hamlet a tragic hero is the fact that he is introduced as a character with "great potential". He had a potential love interest, his life seemed to be on the verge of success but, when Hamlet saw his father return hat night asking him to punish his murderer, his character development potential plummeted. Hamlet's duty to avenge his father death did not go as he had planned. On his path to revenge, he faced many obstacles such as depression, the corruption of his
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