Hamlet's Love for Ophelia Essay

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Hamlet's Love for Ophelia In Hamlet, we are introduced to the complexities of a man who is struggling to murder his uncle while trying to understand his mother's motives. His inner turmoil has left him emotionally unavailable and completely disenchanted with humanity in general. Hamlet seems to be at his best when he is cruel which could reveal a deeper method for self-medication in which he hurts those he loves most - especially his mother & Ophelia. However, while we can clearly discern his reasons for rejecting his mother, we are left with a sort of bitterness when it comes to Ophelia. Why does he treat her so cruelly? Through the very text in which he scolds her, we can uncover some answers that reveal…show more content…
However, in determining its importance, we must first define the word nunnery in order to decipher what it represents within the context of its usage. A nunnery by definition is a haven where woman enter to become nuns. It can be measured as the purest form of sacrifice since the end is to serve God. So, we could discern that to be in a nunnery would surely deliver us from any possible contamination with evil; because a nunnery represents a place that is pure and virtuous. From this definition, we might conclude that Hamlet is metaphorically attempting to deliver Ophelia from evil, that he sees her as a nunnery - pure - virtuous! As if she represents all that is good with the world and he all that is corrupt and hopeless. So, while on the surface his words may seem cruel and hateful, his intentions in this light are quite noble. It is a love that Hamlet would rather loose through alienation than to corrupt with his association. Lastly, it is through his words "I must be cruel only to be kind" that we can correlate the relationship between his cruelty and his justification in being so (4.1. 177). This statement only serves to reinforce the notion that his use of specific words (while harsh & crude at times) along with a certain passionate madness - are meant

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