Hammurabi Honor Killings

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The name of honor may be concealed through the combined power of family and community working in concert, providing alibis for one another and representing a murder as an accidental death or suicide (4). This shows the many lives of the girls who are being murdered by their own family members are not valued. In certain countries, women and girls may not be registered at birth or attend school, so their lives, and their deaths occur outside official figures (4). It is like women would not be missed and so officially women do not even have to be registered. If a woman decides to press charges it would be difficult for her to do so. Also her death would not be recorded just because it was like she never existed. It would almost be like the perfect …show more content…

The societal codes contained in the Hammurabi’s laws that were used to govern the conduct of people in the community presents the husband as having absolute power over life and death in his family. As a result, since 6000BC, women were exposed to too much brutality from men in case they engaged in immoral acts (Madek 53). Women were supposed to remain faithful to their husbands and to maintain their innocence until they become married. Any sexual irregularity resulted in severe punishments to the victim, which includes honor killings of wife and daughters by the husband. However, for many decades since the establishment of the Muslim world, honor killings have been popular among the Muslims. The Islamic law grants man the powers to punish his wife for infidelity but denies the wife similar rights. Consequently, women usually find themselves victims of sexual misconduct in the society. The honor of a family is determined by the honor of ladies, and thus, they are expected to maintain high moral standards and laxity to engage in indiscriminate …show more content…

Empirical evidence shows that Muslim culture is highly religious and there is little distinction between religion and leadership. The leaders are governed by religious doctrines in handling their tasks, and thus, the various regulations that govern morality and other activities in the society draw heavily from the Koran teachings. Therefore, it can be argued that the honor killings are made in the name of God as Allah is righteous and expects his people to be clean (Awwad 54). Any act that may bring sins to a family should be eradicated to maintain righteousness before the eyes of Allah. Consequently, a man takes the responsibility of ensuring that morality is upheld in the society by killing the disgraceful characters in defense of the religion. However, there is another category of people who believe that honor killings are just societal a code that is based on the interest of discouraging infidelity and sex before marriage in the society. A lady who gets married before losing her innocence brings honor to her father and her husband (Faqir 70). Therefore, attempts to maintain the honor makes people engage in honor killings to prevent people from engaging in such sexual activities out of the defined boundaries. Any deviation from expectation willingly or unknowingly leads to dire consequences. For example, a girl who loses

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