Hannibal Book ' Hannibal '

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"What is it, Will?" Hannibal asks, worriedly. "Did I say something wrong?" Will turns back around to face Hannibal, looking deeply into those amber eyes he adores so much. "No. You said everything right." "Will, you 're-" "-Crying," Will finishes. "I know; sorry." "Why are you apologizing?" Hannibal asks. "I don 't know; I mean, isn 't crying seen as a sign of weakness?" "I don 't think it is," Hannibal replies. "I always liked that phrase that says something like people cry when they 've been strong for too long. I definitely think that fits for you." Will laughs, fresh tears rolling down his cheeks. "That must be it." Hannibal places his hands on the side of Will 's face. He gently wipes the tears away from Will 's cheeks with his thumbs and smiles. "I know that 's it." Will nuzzles his head into Hannibal 's chest and sobs, years of stress and agony pouring out of him. Hannibal wraps his arms around Will and rubs his back, letting him do whatever he needs. Hannibal presses his lips to Will 's forehead and Will raises his head, sniffing. "I honestly never thought I would find someone who could love me the way you do," Will says, wiping his nose on his shirt. "I am so God-damned lucky I found you." "We both are pretty lucky, I 'd say," Hannibal smiles at his love, adoring every little move he makes. Every single thing Will does, it makes Hannibal fall even deeper in love. When you don 't think that you 're capable of falling in love, when you actually do, it is
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