Happiness And Happiness : Can Money Can Buy Happiness?

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We all have heard the cliche saying “money cannot buy happiness”, but in reality income has a positive relationship with happiness. In all, money is only paper and fabric, and it is what a person does with the paper like fabric that enables them to feel more happiness in life. Many are quickly to answer money cannot buy happiness without thinking about their life due to the fear of being judged for selfishness. When one considers factors of their life before answering, many discover the answer to be yes. Therefore money can help a person gain sense of contentment and happiness through one's emotional health, mental health, and physical health.

To possess true happiness through wealth is to achieve emotional stability. Research has shown there is an increasing divorce rate in low income marriages than high income marriages. ( Loftus Mary, 2004). If you are in a serious relationship, no matter how long you knew each other, money will be the next fight of your relationship. Money is a sense of security to our emotions and our family expectations. Fighting about not having money can cause tension in one’s homes and one's relationship. We look for emotional stability in our relationship, but how can a person achieve that if their focus is on money. Most adults-67 percent of women, 74 percent of men-enter marriage with at least some debt. Of those debt, about half owe more than $5,000 , primarily from auto loans, credit cards, student loans, and medical bills, found in 1,010

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