Happiness In Silas Marner

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Happiness can be found by going down many avenues; some created through love and connections, and others through greed and petty implements used to fill voids of the soul. Throughout the book, Silas Marner goes down many of these avenues to create happiness within himself. He first gained the prized emotion in Lantern Yard through religion, but when he loses that through tragedy, he obsessively tries to obtain enough gold to fill the void. However, when Eppie comes into his life, Silas soon learns that love, community, and family connection is what brings true happiness to him.
In Lantern Yard, Marner was a very active member in the church and community. When described as a brother of the church, he was said to be “a young man of exemplary life and ardent faith” (Eliot 6). The particular choice of adjectives used to describe his faith in the Lord supports in full how content Marner is in this life when he is involved in his religion. Use of the word “ardent”, meaning enthusiastic and passionate, to describe his faith are how those experiencing utter content are portrayed as. Another adjective used to create expression is “exemplary”, meaning serving as a perfect model. This proves the claim of Silas’ happiness because nobody would want to be like a man who is isolated and sorrowful. So, it is by passionate faith that Marner realizes happiness.
When tragedy strikes, Marner is stripped of his faith and community. He resorts to greed in a desperate attempt to fill the void

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