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Harper’s Heist: Locations Essay (I think I need to put in my logline, but I’m not sure) “Harper’s Heist,” a live action feature film centered on the premise of a twelve-year old, orphaned, genius who must prevent a bank robbery after she, and her foster mother, end up trapped in the middle of it. It’s set in Buffalo, New York, a city rooted in architectural experimentation, and the preservation of history (Ouroussoff, 2008). The central characters, Harper Bagley and her foster mother Addie Robinson, are often found on Elmwood Avenue, Allen Street, or Main Street for the antique shops, art galleries and live music shows (Ireland, 2004). When they refer to “the parkway,” which is the intricately connected paved pathways around the entire…show more content…
After Harper’s arrival, the two began decorating the living and kitchen spaces with mixed furniture and knickknacks from the Hertel district (Queenseyes, 2007) giving it an authentic home-like vibe. Addie’s house is a two-bedroom, modern Victorian-style townhouse. The exterior, painted burgundy, with white trimmings around the roof and windows, has a small accented porch in the front of the house. The home can almost mirror that of the houses on Trinity Place, that according to LaChiasa (2002), is a narrowly hidden and overlooked area of Allentown whose quaint, Victorian inspired variances remain missed by those who are unaware of its existence. The secondary location within Addie’s house is Harper’s bedroom on the second floor. Harper’s bedroom is a nice moderate size, big enough for a large standing dresser, a small desk and chair with a twin-sized bed in the center of the room. She and Addie spent two days painting her room together, purple with green trimmings. Harper really likes this room and all of the things Addie has bought her since she’s moved in, but she still keeps most of the clothes Addie has given her in two large boxes in the corner of the room. The most valuable thing in her entire bedroom is a small, worn shoebox she keeps underneath her bed with a faded photo of her parents and a set of magnets that were a gift from her father. The fictional Central Buffalo
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