Harsher Struggles for African American Women than Men

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A religion is a system of beliefs that explains things about the Universe, answers essential philosophical questions and tells its followers how to live their lives in order to achieve the goal of that religion, whether it be pleasing the gods of the religion, acquiring salvation from a curse, punishment, ailment etc. that the religion claims people or persons have or self-betterment. In the religions of Ancient Egypt, Buddhism and Christianity, a clear link between environment and religion can be seen. Religion has always been present in large civilizations and is a product of the environment, climate and geography. The sun god Ra was the most important and powerful of all in the polytheistic Ancient Egyptian religion (Shaw, 273). Not many of the images that come to mind when “Egypt” is mentioned contain clouds, and that is because the land of Egypt has sweltering weather. A direct influence from the environment can be seen on the religion as the sun had a huge impression of the lives of Ancient Egyptians and the sun god is the most worshipped and important of all. From their elaborate mummies and huge pyramids, it can be seen that the Ancient Egyptians concerned themselves a great deal with the afterlife. They believed that a person would not be able to proceed to the afterlife without recognising their secular body and therefore as many as could afford it mummified their relatives. Before mummification became a common practice, it often happened accidentally when bodies
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