Have You Ever Sat Somewhere And Wondered Why An Author

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Have you ever sat somewhere and wondered why an author wrote something? Or what the meaning of the story is? The author Sherman Alexie is a known success to the Indian Culture. He was born in 1966, and into the Spokane Tribe in Washington. He writes solely on what happens to and in the lives of Indians. In one of his stories, “The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fist Fight in Heaven,” the main character is going through a quest for identity about the struggle between his Indian culture and his American life. The author names this short story because he wants to inform the reader of what life was for him being an Indian Man from his tribe. In the story, it talks significantly how he grew up and the way his life his now that he is all grown up.…show more content…
This shows that whites are always battling the Indians because their color pigment is different. From what has happened previously with the Officer and what goes on in the small civilization with whites and the problems they face. It makes even the nightmare an endless battles for both sides and how they can never feel empathy because someone has a different color pigment. Showing of that what is occurring through both parties is something to watch closely. We face prejudice in battles between the actual races and just a basketball game. Us, humans, have a problem with battling someone of another color pigment. Additionally when it comes to sports are everything. Indians do not call it basketball, it is called Indian Ball.when a new addition from the opposite race comes in, the indians have to battle them in basketball to prove they can be better. “He is the New Bia, chiefs Kid.” “Can he Play. “ Oh ya. And he could play. He played the Indian ball, fast, and loose bether then all the Indians here,” (Alexie 83). Many of the Indians were not happy of this and challenged the individual to prove to themselves they could be better and overcome all of the prejudice and stereotyping of indians they all have went through. Indians are always put down and felt degraded, so when a new comer comes in a does significantly better than them it makes them feel worse and

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