Have You Ever Wondered If You Have Lived More Than Once?

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Have you ever wondered if you have lived more than once? Or what happens after death? Many believe that you continue to live after death, but how is it possible and why so? Today I will inform you about the concept of reincarnation. For some of us, like myself, have had dreams or images of places or things that we have never seen, in person with our own eyes, in our current lifetime. Then we see these images in a picture online and feel like we have been there or have some sort of connection with them. Many say that this is due to our past lives. As in we have lived before in a different time and somehow, we can remember some things from it. People began to call this the belief of reincarnation. I will first explain what reincarnation is …show more content…

First, Hindus take reincarnation very seriously and that is what influences their everyday actions. After reading the article, “Reincarnation as a Concept”, issued in the Journal for Spiritual and Consciousness Studies in 2014, the author, Michael O’Dell, explains a common Hindu belief is that “the soul which has manifested as you, has previously incarnated as an animal and may well do so again in the future.” This is one of the reasons why devout Hindus strive not to harm any bug or animal, since that creature may be a reincarnation of a deceased relative or friend.
They also see reincarnation as a trapped cycle of one 's own bad karma. Karma is a belief that every good and bad returns to the individual as a reward or a punishment. They belief that the individual has an eternal soul that goes through reincarnation as many times as it takes until it reaches liberation. Only way to reach this is by doing good and paying all your dues. Any wrong or bad done in that lifetime will lead to reincarnation. It is pretty much as getting a second chance. They strive to reach liberation because they see it as a free ticket out of the trapped cycle.
Buddhism believes that reincarnation, referred to as rebirth, is processed by desires which keeps the cycle going. A cycle that no one can escape and that never ends and may be infinite until liberation occurs. They defined

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