Hayden Hines. Prof. Hawk. Comp 2. 9 Am-9:50 Am. 5 May 2017.

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Hayden Hines Prof. Hawk Comp 2. 9 AM-9:50 AM 5 May 2017 Should marijuana be legal in the United States? There are many controversial topics being discussed in the United States today. Some will have more of an impact than others. Some you may have never even heard of. One of the major and most controversial topics in my opinion is whether or not marijuana should be legalized in the US. There are many factors that play a role in deciding if marijuana would be beneficial to our country. In this essay we will dig into the positives and negatives of legalizing marijuana and you can decide for yourself if legalizing marijuana is a good idea or not. Marijuana has been around for hundreds and thousands of years and has been used in numerous…show more content…
Marijuana has been deeply studied in the past few decades and has shown scientist many things that weren’t evident before. Marijuana has been linked to many health issues good and bad. It has shown to reduce stress and anxiety, help with headaches, lower blood pressure and one of the most evident and positive health affects is that it has been shown in many studies to stop and even kill cancer cells in the body. There are however negative effects that have been looked into and studied by scientist. These include, blocking memory formation, psychosis, and an increased risk of depression while using marijuana regularly. Not everything revolving around marijuana is a “health issue” though, the biggest reason that people use marijuana today is because it simply makes people feel good. That is a positive effect. A problem in the US today is smoking cigarettes. Cigarettes are made up of literally hundreds of very harsh chemicals that are inhaled into the lungs and can cause serious consequences down the road. Marijuana has been compared to cigarettes in some studies. The good part about marijuana is that it doesn’t affect the lungs in a bad way. Marijuana contains THC which acts like a sort of cough drop and opens the airway leading to your lungs. Cigarettes on the other hand or as I like to call them, (sick)arettes do the exact opposite by filling up your lungs with

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