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From jail to jail, there can be similarities and differences. Each jailhouse has a unique way of housing inmates while following guidelines set by higher authorities. In the Huntington County Jail [HCJ] there are obvious differences when being compared to the Wabash County Jail [WCJ]. One building has a higher bed count than the other. Both buildings have at least one garage area; one has more than the other. However, to be cost efficient, both jails use trustees to do easy jobs or to become an informant. Looking at the numbers, it is apparent that both of the jails are over populated. Each jail can only hold so many people; HCJ can hold 99 and WCJ can hold 72. The HCJ is currently holding 144 inmates. This means they have 45 more inmates than …show more content…

A trustee is the name given to the inmates who are given these privileges. At the HCJ there is a garden the women can work in when the season comes around. Also at the HCJ, inmates, mostly male over female, can do community service projects like painting field lines at the Police Athletic League. Other jobs at HCJ and WCJ are kitchen duty and laundry. Rewardingly, working these jobs can give an inmate good time or a good reference from an officer. An advantage inmates have at the WCJ is called work release. The inmates participating in work release eat and sleep at the jail. They spend all of their free time at the jail and the rest of it at work. When the inmates go to work they wear an ankle bracelet that tracks everywhere they go. Taking that bracelet off is considered escaping from jail, just like if someone was to actually escape the jailhouse. To sum up everything up, he Huntington County Jail can hold more people than the Wabash County Jail. However, they are both over populated. The jails have one or more garage areas that are used for multiple purposes. Both jails also have opportunities for the inmates to work or do community service in a unique way. Going through each jail, similarities and differences can be

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