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Case 2: Health Development Corporation HBS 9-200-049

1. Did the purchase of the Lexington Club real estate increase the value of Heatlh Development Corporation (HDC)? Calculate the NPV of the purchase.
• Use pre-tax cashflows.
• Assume the revenues of the Lexington Club grow by 5% per year.
• Assume that the appropriate discount rate for real estate cashflows was 10%.
• Assume a 20 year life of the facility.
(Hint: In calculating the NPV of the decision to buy the real estate, you only need to consider the incremental cashflows resulting from the decision).
=11203677.75 – 6,500,00 = $4,703,677.75

• The change in incremental cash flow can be examined through looking at the factors causing change
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The holding company is owned by the shareholders of HDC.
• HDC is then sold to TSI for an amount $X (which equals TSI’s valuation of HDC in this agreement).
• The agreement to sell HDC to TSI includes the sale of the Lexington Club by HDC to ABC for $6.5 million.
• HDC leases back the Lexington Club for 20 years at $525,000 per year.
• The bank lends amount $Y to ABC for the purchase of Lexington. The bank loan is repaid in 20 equal, year-end, payments. However, the bank insists that the lease payments must be 110% of the annual repayments of the bank loan. Note that the equal bank loan repayments include interest and principal.
• The original owners of HDC put in an initial equity of $(6.5 mn – Y) into ABC to make up the difference between the purchase price and the bank loan.
3. How much is Y?

Interest Rate: r =8. 5%
Annual Mortgage Repayments: C= $ 477,272.73 being of $525,000.
Loan length: 20 years, t=20

4. How much is X?
EBITDA $ 3,229,000.00
New Lease difference $ 400,000.00
New EBITDA $ 3,629,000.00
Multiple $ 18,145,000.00
Mortage -$ 5,750,000.00
Sale $ 6,500,000.00 $ 18,895,000.00
Less Debt $ 1,917,000.00
Equity Value $ 16,978,000.00

• The interest payment of 504 has been paid for 1999 and is not due for 2000.
• That the 6.5 -y is an additional injection of equity by the shareholders of
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