Essay on He Hit Me: A Short Story

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“He hit me again, again, again and again,” I whispered across the room to my brother Sam. His light hair was wet and his blue eyes where dull. We were both 15 years old. We were twins and we had to share a room. We had beds across from each other, and I we quietly conversed every night.
“He burned the back of my neck with mom’s curling iron, 3 days ago, and it still feels like the sun is sitting there.”
“We have to do something, tell someone.”
“Olivia we can’t,”
“If you tell anyone you will regret it, I will make your life so miserable that you will want to jump off a bridge and get eaten by a blood thirsty shark.” His harsh shout in the dark made his gruff voice sound like thunder.
I shivered; just hearing his voice scared the life out
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I wanted to tell, my mouth opened and I started to say
“Brad hi……” Sam abruptly put his hand on my arm, to stop me. He quickly pulled it off, noticing that Micah was staring. Tears filled my eyes and I ran to the bathroom. I couldn’t help the salty drops; they came running down my face like a water fall. The burned my soar cheek from the cut that Brad had given me. Micah stood over me, watching me. When I calmed down she looked at me with an obvious question, her face was worried. I spilled, I couldn’t help it the words came pouring out of my mouth, the farther I got the more tears spilled down my cheeks, I looked up her eyes were tear filled. We both jumped when Sam came through the door. As soon as our eyes met he knew I had told, at first he had an angry scared face, then his eyes slowly softened. It was very quiet; it seemed that it had been forever, when a girl came through the door. She looked startled to see Sam; she quickly left without a word. Once again it was silent.
“Sam you can’t be in here……”
“Too late now”
“Sam?” Micah’s voice was a surprise to him; he had never heard her talk.
“ummm ya?” I could tell it was hard for Sam to see her like this; he did have a crush on her.
“Is that what the burn mark is on your neck, I could tell that it was intentional because of the shape?” My eyes filled with tears, I could still hear his dreadful scream ring out. He quickly glanced my way and left.
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