Health And Globalization On Public Health

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Health and Globalization When determining whether the movement of people, food, and manufactured goods negative impacts on public health are outweighing the positive, we must consider what is important to us or worth the risks. Some seem to think that the economies built around and jobs created through global trade are more important than the risk of spreading disease. On the other hand, the thought of risking lives or serious illness contracted from global movement is devastating in itself and would provide valid reasoning to promote the idea of slowing the flows of these global movements. The movement of people globally can spread airborne diseases like TB, influenza, malaria, and even sexually transmitted diseases like HIV/AIDS. Some of which, like TB, do not show any signs, so it’s very hard to control. Reasons for travel vary widely from visiting friends and family, vacation traveling, career opportunities, and even for migration purposes in order to leave oppression, war, or famine. I don’t personally think that the flow should be slowed, but I do feel that there needs to be a better system for preventing the spread in the first place like better medical infrastructures, readily accessible immunizations, and more communications and regulations between countries in order to work together in order to combat the spread of disease. The movement of food and the spread of food borne illnesses such as e. Coli, salmonella, and mad cow disease are the results of mass food

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