Health Care At All: Video Analysis

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Many programs such as The Sudbury & District health unit (SDHU) has over the years promoted health in a positive manner and how health is about equality. On their website is a video ‘Let’s Start a Conversation About Health…and Not Talk About Health Care at All’ (Health Equality, 2016). This video disregards focus from health care completely from waiting in the ED, shortages in health care practitioners such as physicians and nurses, to health care budgeting and costs. This was a very interesting point of view, the idea of separating health from health care has never really occurred to me and it’s something new I gained knowledge upon. This video concentrates on just health and instead of hospitals, it discusses public/community health, promoting healthy lifestyle choices, supporting healthy environments, healthy behavioral choices and the encouragement for policies to create awareness that health is a priority and should be focused on before health care (Health Equality, 2016).
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