Health Care Industry Paper

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Health Care Industry Paper Lucionda Berry HCS/449 May 14, 2013 Dr. Leslie Freeman Introduction In today’s society, healthcare and the issues surrounding the topic has went through some major changes within the last decade. Some of these changes in my opinion were decent and very important when it comes to providing exceptional quality care in this health care industry. Although some of the changes were not so reasonable in the eyes of most, these changes were in the best interest for the economy and for the…show more content…
Many smaller communities in the United States are already utilizing telemedicine to great advantage (Burchill, 2010).Although telemedicine is a great way to deliver quality healthcare in a timely fashion, there is also a downside to the procedure as well. Telemedicine will in some way hinder the face to face communication between the doctor and patient that is vital in reducing errors. Most patients have a better understanding of what is expected of them when it is communicated clearly and effectively by their physician. Communication is the process of understanding and having meaning (Du Pre, 2005.) and it is also the process of relaying information between people by the use of words, letters, symbols, or body language (Sallee & Forrest, 2005,). In my opinion I feel that telemedicine will decrease the moral as far as the Dr. and Patients are concerned. Although telemedicine may decrease a portion of the healthcare cost by less visits to the doctor, it will lose the value and importance of actually sitting down and talking with your doctor and receiving that one on one face to face time. Most patients are not even in tuned with technology and this can result in many errors and communication issues. What role do you plan to have in the industry? I think once I have entered the healthcare industry I will play a vital role in implementing fair but tough decision making when it comes to delivering efficient, friendly, quality healthcare. I feel that I
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