Health Drives The Market : Health Drives The Market

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Health Drives the Market
The beef seen daily by an average American probably looks like this: red, juicy, and in a freezer in the local Wal-Mart with a price label attached to the plastic packaging. Or maybe the beef is being served at a high class restaurant, already prepared for consumption. However, consumers and shoppers do not realize what goes into producing safe and good quality beef for their everyday meals. Although many experts have different theories on how the cattle market is disturbed, the biggest issue in the beef industry is the level of sickness being low in order to have a successful buying and selling process for healthy cattle.
The health of any animal is always important, especially when it comes the animals used to …show more content…

Cattle in feedlots are checked hourly, with human power and technology. Some of the technology used includes ear chips, implanted in the left ear. This helps track where the animal is, how much it has exercised in a day’s period. Another technology that coordinates with the ear chip is weighted feed troughs, which records and keeps track of how many cattle step on the bunk, and how much they eat in a feeding. This is reviewed at the end of the day by managers and specialists to ensure that the cattle have consumed the proper amount of feed suggested by the USDA. The health of the steak one eats at night is highly watched and maintained.
Feedlots and facilities used to fatten cattle are a necessity for food production. Because of this, disease prevention and treatment has taken priority across the cattle industry. In order for an operation to be considered successful, other than making a profit, disease must be under control. Health is highly valued, and disease in cattle can spread quickly. These diseases can range from genetically transferred diseases, like TH and PH, or to contagious diseases like Hoof and Mouth, Sore Mouth, Fungus, and Ringworm. All of these will have a negative impact on the red meat quality and the well being of the individual bovine. This is why health is taken so seriously and held at such a high standard: for quality and safety.
Prevention of the diseases stated and discussed above

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