Health Information Technology

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Health Information Technology : Quality Issues

Author : Neha Salian
Co-author : Malvika Hake


Health IT is the technology that enables patients and providers to support better health and health care by providing targeted information meant to inform, educate or generally allow for improved decision making.

With health care costs and quality assurance taking central roles in the health care arena, increasing attention is being directed towards the potential of health information technology (IT) to lower health care spending and to improve efficiency, quality and safety of medical care delivery. One of the primary motivators for adopting many health IT applications is the belief that they improve the quality of
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Drivers of invest promise of quality and efficiency gains. Barriers include the cost and complexity of IT implementation. Diffusion of information technology in hospitals varies with the type of technology. It is greatest in administrative and financial applications such as patient registration, billing, and payroll. Clinical applications, such as computerized provider order entry for drugs or other items (e.g., lab work) and electronic health records, are less diffused. Infrastructure technologies build the base that other technologies work from, and include both widely diffused technologies, such as e-mail and telecommunications, and those that are less common, such as wireless
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