Healthcare Proposal Essay

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Final Assessment Proposal
Kristian Velasco
HLTH 556
Liberty University

There is an ongoing debate regarding the potency of the new health care reform—Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act—from the outset of its proposal. Many attempts had been presented in the past years but the root of the issue remains prevalent today, that there is a lack of quality in its delivery and the cost of care is continuously increasing beyond national economic edges. In this manuscript, we will discuss several factors that can positively sway the long-term significance, impact, and structure of the United States health care system. Many are wondering whether the Universal Coverage, to which will give more control and …show more content…

Furthermore, if most key players in the system fail to reach an agreement upon what the society want, determine the most prevalent medical needs, and the nature of methodology that will most likely become successful, then no system will ever properly evaluate and execute a satisfactory reform (Wyrwich, Frueh, Abernethy & Grueger, 2012).
The Problems with the Current System Absolutely, the issues relating healthcare affordability and access remains the most pressing concerns. Nonetheless, this has been the case for the most part of 20th century. Perhaps a fresh look at the system to which emphasizes on the special needs of a complex society can bring the most positive change. In systematic terms, the problem with the current structure is that prevention takes time, whereas, political progressions are short-range (McLaughlin & McLaughlin, 2008). Therefore, incentivizing prevention under the current system is almost impossible for the reason that when individuals engage in preventive programs, the continuation of accrued benefits will most likely be compromised or written out in its entirety. Such dilemma is the main concern; hence, cultivating a more consistent preventive care system is the most pressing need (Wyrwich et al., 2012). The future of healthcare if left as is, the system will falter and eventually, a new reform will be realized as necessitous (Garman, Butler , & Brinkmeyer, 2006). When the system proposed fail to meet

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