Healthcare Vs Health Care

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One might think that the United States of America would have the best healthcare system in the world; however, nothing could be farther from the truth. The U.S. is currently ranked 37th, while France is ranked number one. With the ever growing middle to poor class in the U. S. a lower socioeconomic status continues to affect ones’ health care coverage. The higher the status, the easier the access is to health care, and a better quality of care is received. Unfortunately, the lower socioeconomic class proves to have decreased access to care, poorer quality of care, and a sicker subgroup (Khan Academy, 2015). The U.S. has vast rural communities, some of which are unable to get to a health care provider or grocery store, and may have …show more content…

One important distinction is that it is neither affordable nor readily available to all citizens. Exorbitant health care overhead has been noted as a major contributing factor with an estimated $360 billion dollars spent annually by the CMS just for their administrative overhead, with 85% of that attributed to insurance systems (Friedman, D., Friedman, H., & Friedman, L., 2016). Overuse of emergency rooms for non-emergency treatment is also responsible for roughly $38 billion in wasted tax dollars annually (Friedman, D. et al.,2016). One study showed that while $750 billion was wasted by the US in one year, 75,000 people still died from inefficient care (Friedman et al, 2016). Additionally, the absence of universal health coverage leaves another 28.6 million Americans without basic health insurance in the U.S. as of 2016 (Kuehner-Hebert, 2017). Without first addressing the basic health care needs of all of our citizens, we as a nation will merely continue to tread water in 37th place, unable to rise and take a leading role in healthcare innovation.
France is leading the nation as one of the top health care systems. The World Healthcare Organization stated that France provided the “close to best overall healthcare in the world” (“Healthcare in France,” 2017, para 1). In France, it is unheard of for an individual not have health insurance. In fact, the

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