Heart Failure

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Nurse Driven Education for A Patient Diagnosed With Chronic Systolic Heart Failure Refusing Diagnostic and Interventional Procedures
Heather Horsley
Wilkes University School of Nursing

Heart failure (HF) is a chronic progressive disease, arising from structural or functional disorders of the heart, in which incidence increases with age. This review attempts to describe the types and causes of HF while focusing on variable aspects of patient education that have a positive effect on patient outcome and quality of life. Specifically, the potential benefits of this education for a 55 year old male patient diagnosed by transthoracic echocardiogram with chronic systolic heart failure, who has refused physician deemed necessary …show more content…

For patients with existing symptoms of heart disease, the nurses role may include helping to identify risk factors and lifestyle habits that have led to the disease, as well as obtaining and documenting vital signs and diagnostic tests used to determine the extent of the disease. Education on identification of significant symptoms and the proper subsequent actions will play a major role in the patient’s ability to advocate for themselves and help them determine when it is necessary to seek care. Nursing responsibilities in caring for a patient already experiencing chronic heart failure, like the one being discussed in this review, include specialized cardiac monitoring, monitoring of vital signs and major organ function, post-procedure care, assessment and care of surgical incisions, administration of medications, managing patient anxiety and compliance, and patient education. Discharge is perhaps the most critical educational opportunity for nurses dealing with HF patients. The level of patient self care and symptom recognition and management after discharge is a significant factor relating to the prevalence of readmittance to the hospital and death in HF patients (Barnason, Zimmerman, and Young, 2011). Barnason, Zimmerman and Young (2011) reveal that one of the factors affecting the compliance with self care actions by heart failure patients is the amount of nurse directed

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