Hegemonic Rivalry

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In this essay, I will discuss if cooperation between states today are challenged by a struggle of ultimate hegemony. I will look at this from two different perspective. I will look at how the threat of the rise of China and the hegemonic stability theory may affect cooperation between states. In order to completely understand this one as the understand what a hegemon is. Hegemony is defined, as according to Heywood, as the leadership or domination of one element of a system over others.
A hegemony would stabilize the international system as the hegemonic stability theory states. The hegemonic stability theory is a theory that is widely accepted by realist that says that dominant military and economic power is necessary to have stability and prosperity …show more content…

The two main components of this theory are firstly recognizing that a liberal world economy is in constant danger of being destroyed by rising nationalism and protectionism. Therefore, a set of rules are needed for economic competition, especially free trade. Secondly, a hegemonic power is more likely to be both willing and able to establish and enforce such rules. This is because as a hegemon the stability of the world is key to ensure its own long-term interests (Heywood, 2011). Realism is a school of thought that have related theories of international relations that emphasises the role of the state, its national interest and military power. Realism has been the dominant school of thought when it comes to international relations since the end of World War II. It compromises of several different strands, the most known are classical realism and neorealism (Bell, 2017). A good example that strengthens the hegemonic stability theory is the US. The United States is a superpower and its power lies in its resources such as military and economic power. These resources enable them to help other states, especially considering economy, and the US sees this as their duty as a hegemony. The 2003 invasion of Iraq, led by

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