The Unredeemed Captive Summary

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The Unredeemed Captive published by Vintage on March 28, 1995. The Unredeemed Captive - A Family Story by John Demos was about Eunice Williams’ being held captive by the resident Indians and the fight her family endured in order to go home. Eunice was captured together with her family along with hundreds of other residents in and around Deerfield. Demos, seems very knowledgeable of the Deerfield raid. He also uses impeccable detail on the captives’ march to Canada. Demos, also does a great job of depicting the experience of being a captive. It also helped to understand the story better when Demos explained further why the Indians were victorious in capturing the villagers. As well, he described the Kahnawake Indian village where Eunice …show more content…

There were rumors accumulating but by 1704 there were so many over a long period of time that everybody just ignored but still took precaution. Since they had been alerted to the possibility of a raid, they all took refuge within the palisade, and a guard was posted. The raid occurred in winter which was atypical. There was a couple feet of snow on the ground. The Indians would have to walk nearly 300 miles to get to Deerfield and return back with captives. The raiders swept into the village, and began attacking individual houses. Reverend Williams' house was among the first to be raided; Williams' life was spared when his gunshot misfired, and he was taken prisoner. Two of his children and a servant were slain; the rest of his family and his other servant were also taken prisoner. Similar scenarios occurred in many of the other houses. The residents of Benoni Stebbins' house, which was not among the ones attacked early, resisted the raiders' attacks, which lasted until well after daylight. A second house, near the northwestern corner of the palisade, was also successfully defended. The raiders moved through the village, herding their prisoners to an area just north of the town, rifling houses for items of value, and setting a number of them on fire. The captives were rounded up and marched to Canada. The word “raid” does not sum up to the events that took place in Deerfield. In this interpretation of the “true” story of Eunice Williams, it

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