Helen on 86th Street

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Wendi Kaufman’s True Meaning to Her Writing “Helen on 86th street” by Wendi Kaufman is about a 12 year old girl who tries out for a lead part in her school play. The play was about the Trojan War and when results rolled around she had gotten a smaller part, and was extremely jealous of Helen who made the main role. Vita was going to play inside the horse with a really cute boy. While Vita was jealous of Helen, Helen was jealous of Vita because the cute boy accompanying Vita during the play was the boy she had a major crush on. Throughout the play Vita was comparing her life to the one her father was living. Her dad left them unexpectedly when she was a little girl, and they still to this day don’t know where he is in the world. Vita says …show more content…

When she says, “Every night I write a letter to my father. I don’t send them- I don’t know where to send them- but, still, I write them,” it shows how much she wishes she knew where her father was out in the world. The way that Wendi wrote this clearly puts a picture into the reader’s head of the scene occurring in the novel and makes them feel extremely grateful for the people they have in their lives. Altogether, Vita writes the letters to prove she misses her dad on the inside and

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