Hemorrhoids Essay

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Hemorrhoids are symptomatic enlargement and distal displacement of the normal anal cushions with dysregulation of the vascular tone and vascular hyperplasia.1 Symptoms from hemorrhoids include bleeding, pain, prolapse and perianal itch with prevalence rates of up to 4.4% within the general population.2 Given the prevalence of the condition, the management of hemorrhoidal disease continues to have considerable workload and costs implications for the National Health Service (NHS), with approximately 25,000 hemorrhoidal procedures being performed yearly in U.K.3 Treatment of hemorrhoids depends mainly on the stage and symptoms of the disorder. Haemorrhoidectomy is considered an effective method for 3rd and 4th degree symptomatic hemorrhoids. …show more content…

METHODS This study was designed as a single-center double blinded randomized placebo controlled trial at the Department of General Surgery Menoufia University, with prior approval from our Institution’s Ethics Review Board. Inclusion criteria After a written informed consent, patients suffering from 3rd or 4th degree haemorrhoids and indicated for open haemorrhoidectomy were enrolled in this study. Exclusion criteria It was concomitant anal or rectal pathologies (e.g. abscess, fistulae, prolapse, etc.), age younger than 18, previous anal surgery, poorly controlled diabetes mellitus, recent history of chemotherapy and active cancer patients. Patients with severe anemia, hypoalbuminemia or immunocompromised patients were also excluded. Preparation of the ointments: 10% Sucralfate ointment was prepared using liquid paraffin as levigating agent in a petrolatum base. The placebo ointment was prepared by the same method from liquid paraffin and petrolatum. The physicochemical stability of the ointment was evaluated at 50, 60, 70 and 80 C. Microbiological limit tests were performed for the preparation and no

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