Henery Sherwin And Edward Williams Essay

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Company History
Henery Sherwin and Edward Williams founded Sherwin Williams in Cleveland in 1866. They first started by selling paints and coating and industrial and marine products. They are the largest producer of paints, varnishes and specialty coating in the United States. The company has also extended into home improvement items, motor vehicle finishes and refinishing products. To date they have 2,046 stores nationwide well all of the merchandise along with a direct sales staff. Sherwin Williams being the first company to enter this market back in the day accomplished many different things and became the leaders very fast. They were the first to develop a patent for a reclosable paint can in 1877, ten years after the company was first founded. They found that marketing their product was so impart and what helped them become what they are today. In 1888 they slowly started marketing to the railroad industry and this became a huge part of the company growing. By 1890 they fully committed to marketing its products to help people become aware of what they were doing and that Sherwin-Williams was publicized. A year later after the beginning of advertising a sales agency opened in Worcester, Massachusetts and this was the foundation for the company stores that you see nationwide today. By 1905 they adopted the trademark “ Cover the Earth.”
Sherwin Williams mission statement is “For over 140 years, manufacturers have trusted Sherwin-Williams for innovative coatings

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