Henrik Ibsen : An Alienated Moralism

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An alienated moralist… the kid who believes an android is better than an iPhone, or the Christian who does not believe in curing sickness with medicine. Whether it be in politics, religion, or civil aspect, there are millions of unpopular opinions. Despite the fact that today’s society is more accepting of what is different, the minority is categorized as those who chose not conform . For centuries, humankind has decided to punish an individual for their defiance to assimilate. According to Professor Mordecan Roshwald, a person unwilling to side with the majority due to their moral standings and independence is an “alienated moralist” (227). While Dr. Stockmann is a fictional character of 1882, his position as an alienated moralist…show more content…
Roshwald’s The Alienated Moralist in An Enemy of the People critiques Ibsen’s hatred of democracy for being imperfect. While Ibsen’s attack may be weak, it addresses the flawed case. Although one may be right, it does not mean they are indisputable. EVen though, slavery does not exist today, there is a continual issue of discrimination against people of color. As of 2016, Police killed thirty-nine unarmed black people. Indubitably, these heinous actions should be punished, but that is not always the case. In the same way of Dr. Stockmann, the Black Lives Matter movement face a resentful majority. Additionally, the politics of power play an essential role in who becomes the minority and the majority. Peter Stockmann, the mayor of the small town used his political power to have people side against his brother. Similarly, Police force has used their role as law enforcement to defend that their wrongful doings are out of self-defense. All in all, Dr.Stockmann and Black Lives Matter have deemed themselves as the alienated majority due to their opponents’ power in politics. Moving forward, at the root of it all lies conformity. These separate roads are the difference between the majority versus the minority. “What has to be borne in mind, however, is the great danger of the pressure to conformity in some democratic societies, despite the legal assurance of freedom
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