Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Research Paper

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Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow was considered “The most widely known and best loved American poet of his lifetime”.Longfellow was born in Portland,Maine on February 27,1807,The second son in a family of eight children.Henry was a dreamy boy who loved to read.After graduating from Bowdoin college,Longfellow studied modern languages in Europe for three years the he returned to teach at Bowdoin. In 1831 Longfellow married Mary Storer Potter of Portland,A former classmate and soon published his new book.In November 1835,during a second trip to Europe ,Longfellows life was shaken as he found out his wife had died of a miscarriage.In 1854,Longfellow decided to quit teaching and devote all of his time to poetry.He published
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