Hephaestus Research Paper

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Hephaestus is credited of being the son of the king and queen of the gods, Zeus and Hera. He is the greek god of many different things, such as blacksmiths, forgery, fire, and volcanoes. Since he is the god of blacksmiths and forgery, he was able to craft many of weapons for the other gods. These weapons include Achilles armor, Hermes winged helmet and sandals, and Aphrodite's girdle. He also built the gold and silver dogs that guarded Alkinoos. “He made the golden and silver lions and dogs at the entrance of the palace of Alkinoos in such a way that they could bite the invaders.” (Wikipedia, 2). Though he was able to build all of these things, he was never without an obstacle throughout his life. Hephaestus had to deal with many things in …show more content…

Hephaestus was born out of jealousy. Hera was jealous about the affair between Zeus and Metis. Hera asked Gaia, the earth goddess, to bless her with the child, Hephaestus. Although she wanted Hephaestus, she was embarrassed by the way he looked. Before any of the other gods could see him, Hera threw him off of Mount Olympus. He fell for a whole day before finally landing in the ocean. Here, he was found and raised by the goddess Thetis and Eurynome. When grown up, he built his realm under a volcano, on the island of Lemnos. Once he figured out what his mother had done to him; he plotted revenge. He made a throne that was made out of gold. The throne had jewels and was magic. He sent this throne to his mother in Olympus as a “gift”. Hera had received her gift and was very excited. When she sat down in the chair, invisible chain shot out and tied her up. As strong as the other gods were, none of them could break her free. All the gods in the council agreed to sent Dionysus, the wine god, to make Hephaestus intoxicated and set Hera free. Hephaestus did as planned and was given a spot on the Olympian council. He was also given the goddess of beauty, Aphrodite, as a “thank

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