Herbs: A Short Story

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It all began with a simple carrier pigeon one night after dinner. “Herbs” my father hollered up the stairs,its for you. Its blank and she sounds upset.” As I came downstairs to pick up the phone,I was not happy. I was tried and had looked forward to a nice quiet evening at home, not another stupid adventure with blank. Thirty minutes later, however, Blank’s magenta three wheeled prius swung into our driveway and blank was leaning on the horn before the car came to a full stop. Grabbing my coat from the couch, I walked out my front door with all the enthusiasm of a man going to stand before a firing squad.
Blank was not furious but she wanted to go to chucky cheese. Herbs and Blank met at work where they peel oranges but they were two different …show more content…

The homeless man was woke up screaming “this is my bed you sleep on the floor”. They ended up sleeping on the floor when they woke up the homeless man left a note that read “i owe you thanks for the bike” Blank thought they should just give up on Chucky Cheese and go home Herb did not want to they already made it this far. Blank changed her mind and they were on there way to chucky cheese. They had no transportation so they looked for a bus station they found a bus station one mile away from them they started to walk when Herb’s stomach started growling they were both starving they decide to stop at a Mcdonald's where they saw the homeless man with there bike. They went confront the homeless man the homeless man slapped Herb. They decide not to mess with the homeless man and just let him keep the bike. Herb was upset that they did not get the bike back. They walked into Mcdonalds ordering their food when they met a man who asked them where they were from Blank told him “that they were from two towns over” The man's name was Jim he offered Herb and Blank a ride two the bus station but they turned him down and they kept walking to the bus station. When they got to the station they found out it was abandoned and the new station was four down the road. Herb was still determined to get to chucky cheese but Blank was starting to lose hope. They sat on the curb of the bus station not know if they wanted to turn back or get to chucky cheese. Then the man from Mcdonalds showed up and told them he would drive them to the new bus station so they got into the car with him. Blank was looking around the car and noticed that there was a lot of weird items in his car. The man turned out to be normal and he dropped them off at the new bus station. They said their goodbyes and walked into the bus station only to find out it was a sunday and

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