Hermanos Unidos

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Every structure needs pillars to be built on; to be able to sustain the design of the structure and the people within it. Hermanos Unidos acts as a structure, design for Latino males who are pursuing higher education to become a better man not only for themselves but for their community as well. The idea of El Nuevo Hombre alone wouldn’t be able to sustain all the members without the three pillars this idea is built on: Academics, Community Service, and Social Networking. As a member of Hermanos Unidos I made certain I participated in every single one of these pillars, to ensure the idea of El Nuevo Hombre continued.
The most influential pillar is Academics, which put me on the path of receiving a higher education. The pillar of academic was a reminder to every Hermano on why they were attending college. The overall percentage of a Latino male student obtaining a Bachelor Degree, when compared to the percentage of a Caucasian male student is significantly smaller; and that percentage diminishes even more in regards of obtaining a higher education (Master’s Degree, PhD). Instead of letting statistics decide what my fate is, the academic pillar gave …show more content…

As a member of this organization, I made an effort for the bridge to be noticed by the residence of the community, by being present to as many events as possible. Through community service event such as Adelante Hombre Latino Youth Summit and college campus tours, I was able to serve as a mentor for young high school Latino males. Within these events I was able to give advice to high school students who either didn’t know what to expect as a college student, or for those who were contemplating on what route they should embark. Being able to participate in events such like these, allowed me to display what Hermanos Unidos stands for, while also being an example for Latino youth residing in our surrounding

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