Hernan Cortez's Influence On The Spanish

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Born sometime around 1485 in Medellin Spain, one of the most prosperous conquistadors of the time was born. In an early age, he was said to be attending the school of the University of Salamanca to initially studying law. But on 1504 he sails to Santo Domingo for a short time. In 1511 he moves to Cuba to help Diego Velasquez to conquer the island. This movement helped Hernan Cortez later on becoming the conquistador that claims the Aztec empire for Spain.
In 1518 Diego Velazquez was the Spanish holdings in the Caribbean and Cortes took advantage of working with him years before and asked him if he could be a commander for a voyage approaching Mexico. But as time went by before Cortes set sail Velazquez questioned Cortes’s intentions and cut …show more content…

Cortes then returns to Tenochtitlan and try’s to obligate the Montezuma send Aztec warriors to attack the troops that were coming to capture him. But Montezuma had a stone drop on his head in which he died from. At this stage Cortes was in huge disperse and is trying to avoid any Spanish troops. And on 1521 Cortes returns to Tenochtitlan after three month voyage to get there. Cortes then secured power in Mexico and caused cruelties to the majority of the population which led to many deaths. Cortes then realize that Spain is no longer angry with him and in 1523 he becomes governor and captain general of Spain. Although in 1528 Spain feared that Cortes had too much power so the king reinstated him to only captain general. Cortes then decides to go back to Mexico of course, this time fully monitored found nothing. And then constantly still looking for riches, he looked that all central and Latin America, Atlantic to Pacific to find nothing. Only to name and discover California. In conclusion Hernan Cortes was a very precise man that when had an idea come to mind stuck with it and would not let it go. Also Cortes was the kind of man that would not let anything go to waste I say this because when he faced the Aztecs and the Aztecs thought he was a god he did not tell them he was not the god he used that as a strategy to steel their gold and to succeeded in getting Montezuma as a hostage. Cortes was the best conquistador for Spain at the time and was a very smart and determined explorer until December 2, 1547 in which he died in a retirement estate somewhere near

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