Hero As A Hero

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Ana’s Son. “ Not only that, but she hasn't let it slow her down either; she engages in the many activities that she did before the infection, even if it drains her of her strength. My mother fights for her life everyday. She fights against nature itself not only for herself, but to be there for all of those she loves and who loves her. She is an inspiration to us all she is a real hero”. When hero’s face a battling challenge or a problem, instead of stressing out about how the people that they love or people in need fear for there family or themselves, hero’s make sure that the people in need of there help dont worry but be happy after the hero saved them and that’s what a makes a hero heroic. Although being hero is not always having a happy ending, or Having the fantastic powers that a movie superhero has , it is about how sacrificing yourself to help your loved ones in need. When people think of a hero that beats the villain, Superheros that pop up in someone's mind is Superman, Spiderman, and Captain America, but heroes always do not win every battle,every time.Heroes as people in today's world are different and sometimes unseen by the world. Though they might be a person at Burger king or taco bell that would rather work than be in a gang and sell drugs, but they might come home to a family that's been broken by things that have happened to their relationship as they got older. Even when a hero might not have a happy ending they just do not give up there,

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