Hero Is A Hero

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When the word heroism is heard, most would picture a strong person who would do anything for the sake of justice or a brave person who is looked up to. Everyone had a favorite hero someone they look up to because of their achievements.Would you believe me if I told you that heros have a mask, no I'm not talking about their physical masks but with a facade of perfection. In reality people who are heroic are self righteous , will do anything to get attention for their good deeds, People who believe they know better, people who when you really get to know them are arrogant and all they want is bragging rights.
Heros fight for what’s right, so they should know what is right. In all honesty who are they to say what is right or wrong? What if their justice is different from our own, would we just listen to them or would we call them criminal? Well if that's true we can’t call them heroes if their ideals are the same as criminals unless we want to change our definition of justice. Justice is a social construct that changes once other elements are taken into account such as money, power, or whether or not you are alone. Our idea of justice isn’t the same as our neighbor till whoever has the stronger will argues their point till you give up and agree. So since heros either have superhuman powers or are generally better than the average man than wouldn’t that be enough to change our ideals. When someone who is stronger than you pushes something on you normally people succumb and regret it later. These heroes will at some point make the world succumb to their ideals of heroism so that they can be heroes no matter how many wrongs they do. Heroes who are brave don’t force their ideals onto others right? Well they do, when a criminal does something that they don’t consider just heros take it into their own hands to deal with the problem.
Is this what we want our heroes to be? Superman, Spiderman, Wonderwoman they all are famous for their deeds and they have no problem basking in their fame till they go back to being their boring alter egos and, they complain about how their secret is important, when in all honesty they just want to be recognized for their work. Everyone enjoys recognition, but we also need to learn every

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