Heroin Is The Most Addictive And Habit

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Worldwide, there exists an ever growing and expanding market for illegal recreational narcotics. Of those drugs, in accordance to virtually every source and study, heroin is described as the most addictive and habit forming. The main derivative of heroin is the poppy seed commonly indigenous to Central America. Poppy seed derivatives, like heroin and methadone are categorized as types of opioids. Any drug which is qualified as an opioid must act upon the nervous system in order to relieve pain and supply an euphoric feeling to the user. These drugs are the most commonly prescribed and widely consumed form of medication in regards to chronic pain relief, despite the well know fact that they are considered to be the most hazardous and …show more content…

Morphine inhibits the synaptic gap between the neurons and essentially blocks the pain chemicals from reaching the other end. It also dulls the action potential to prevent the neurons from even firing to begin with. Once the brain habituates to the sensations caused by the neural blockage, it becomes increasingly difficult to resist. This is what could be described in layman 's terms as “addiction.” The powerful and consuming urge which exists within all of living creature once it becomes accustomed to a particular sensation. Those doctors who swear upon the use of drugs like oxycontin and morphine seem to have very little evidence to attribute to their argument regarding the safety of the medication. Some doctors claim that the medication is the most readily available of pain killers, and they would be correct. America is the largest consumer of opioid products, legal and otherwise. The US owns nearly 81% of the world’s supply of oxycodone, and it helps generate a billion dollar industry. (INC, 2012) These statistics alone give it the advantage in comparison to the safer alternatives listed within this article. It has become a culturally accepted phenomenon, which likely attributes to its 76 million script popularity. (UNODC, World Drug Report 2012.) These may look like potential advantages, however, doctors fail to truly analyze the effects the drug has upon the patients who consume it. At the

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