High School Education Failure

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One of the most roaring topics in our country today: Is a college degree worth it? Through the past generations college was not mandatory for the average person to receive a career. Now because of increasing employment rates a college degree is the only way to maintain a steady income. Many students after highschool have to decide rather they will attend college or start a job that is not guaranteed to support them. Now many people have different perspectives about furthering their education, some let the hard work and high debt outweigh the success they will have in the end.
PEW research center (2014) reports that the "value of a high school diploma is declining." (par. 1) Over the generations an increasing amount of high school graduates …show more content…

Students should not fell pressured by debt. 67 out of 100 students from a low income family have a higher dropout rate than a student from a high income family. (Nemeko,2008,para.4) Many people let the high prices overwhelm them and become less motivated. The outcomes after graduation are worth all the money and stress. Kurtzleben states (2014) that after being employed ,college grads pay off debt in 20 years.(para.5) After paying off debt students are able to receive steady , more reliable incomes than a only high school graduate.
When choosing a major students usually look at the salary of the job they will obtain . PEW Research Center states ,A college graduate's yearly income is 56% higher than a only high school graduate's income.(2014) There are very few cases that a high school graduate will have a higher chance of staying employed during a deflate. PEW Research Center also states that 56% of women and 43% of men were unemployed during . While only 24% of college graduates faced employment. (2014) It is very rare that a college graduate will be unemployed before a only high school graduate. A college degree gives students reassurance during waves of …show more content…

I understand that some colleges are difficult to attend because of unqualified professors , stress of high debt, and acceptance of unprepared students. College may seem like a risky challenge but after students overcome all the stress and graduation, they are rewarded with a highly satisfying life and career.
In conclusion college is definitely need to have a satisfying life. Students have to overcome all the conflicts in order to receive the high outcomes. Deciding on furthering your education will always be a tough issue for high school students. Always think smart when choosing, think about the outcomes that will surface in the

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