High School Is Not A Or Greater, Much Of The Reason For It?

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My GPA is not a 3.0 or greater, much of the reason for that is because I was battling depression that started during my senior year in high school. My first few years in college it was very hard for me to focus on school because I did not even want to wake up in the morning. I was very unhappy with my life and eventually went to see the school psychiatrist. I was even admitted to a hospital for suicidal tendencies. My overnight stay there, seeing others battling depression, was enough for me to realize I was wrong for my suicidal thoughts. Even so I was not in the right mind set to be in school and my grades were suffering because of it. I decided to drop out and take time off. After about a year I decided to try and finish school. This is when I enrolled in Cal State Fullerton. While I was not suicidal I was still depressed and unhappy. I realized very quickly that I was not yet motivated to finish school. I passed my business class that was part of my major, but dropped another class, and put zero effort into the English class I had taken for a GE requirement. The consequence was that I failed the class. I decided to take time off again till I could overcome my depression. I spent the next few years working and gaining valuable experience in leadership and teamwork skills at my position as a Team Trainer and interim Department Lead at Target Corp. I learned how to effectively communicate with conflicting personalities and supervise multiple employees to get tasks done
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