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Within seconds, 35 people were dead and many fled for their lives. This was the case with the Hindenburg catastrophe. The three most significant topics that are of significance in this tragedy will be about the arrival , the escaping and confusion as the ship ignited, and the statistical fact upon Hindenburgs inflation with hydrogen. The first important focus on the Hindenburg tragedy is the arrival in
Lakehurst, New Jersey. Commander Rosendahl, who was head commander of the ship’s arrival, was an anxious man the day of his ship’s arrival. He frequently paced his spartan office that day hoping to see his airship safely moored to the mast and passengers disembarked unharmed. …show more content…

From the arrival, the next focal point is the tragic explosions and the escape of the passengers aboard the Hindenburg airship. The first explosion occurred approximately four minutes after the first bow rope had dropped to the field.
Rosendahl remembered this moment and exclaimed, “It seemed as if the whole world was holding its breath. One heard no command, no call, no cry.” (Archbold, 181) A man by the name of Helmut Lau, was walking on a catwalk keeping an eye on the mooring cable when he heard a muffled detonation. He thought the combustion originated near the center of the cell by a walkway, but everything happened so fast he couldn’t be sure. Another cell-men by the name of Hans Freund was closest to the faint explosion as it occurred, yet his back was turned and had no clue where the fire actually started. As the Hindenburg, which was inflated with hydrogen, was being engulfed with flames the head captain ,Max Pruss, was at the head of the ship with other captains and none of the officers yet understood what was happening. Seconds later however,
Captain Sammt, who was leaning out a port window along with Pruss remarked, “
The ship’s on fire!” (Archbold,183) The ground crew retreated as the fire roared toward the bow as

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