Hinduism Indian Predominan Religion Essay

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India’s predominant religion is Hinduism, and though the approximate date of which it was lain down is unknown, Hinduism was established and founded by the Aryans, who arrived in India at approximately 1500 BCE. Hinduism can be said to have been inspired by and emerged from the Vedic religion; however the simple fact that the core of Hinduism comes from the Vedic period does not denote that the complex theological thought that is behind it was also developed during that period. The Vedic period goes from roughly 1500 – 500 BCE, which is well before Hinduism was fully established. The fundamental idea of Hinduism is that of a Single Supreme Being; this is solely being indicated at in the Vedic religion but is developed later. Another …show more content…

This force is what keeps the caste system of India as well as everyday life functioning as it should, according to the deities. The main “trinity of Hinduism” or the great Trimurti consist of Brahma (who is the Vedic creator god and is the personification of Brahman, the ultimate reality), Vishnu (the protector and sustainer of life and is incarnated in the Bhagavad-Gita as Krishna) and Shiva (the god of creative destruction). These deities are the single Supreme Being; the single Supreme Being is within everything and underlies ultimate existence. The “single divine reality underlies all things and lives and minds in the whole universe.” (The Worlds of Religion, chapter 9) The Hindus believe that it is “the eternal seed of all beings” and “the soul, Gudakesa, that abides in the heart of all beings” (Bhagavad Gita, chapter 7). These perceptions were both developed after the Vedic ages, when the Bhagavad Gita was written, however hovering in the undeveloped background of the Vedic religion, there is said to be an implied assumption of the principle of the ultimate reality.

One idea of Hinduism is the underlying idea of dharma, which was not emerged from the Vedic era, but developed after that period. Dharma in India is the appropriate behaviour and attitudes according to one’s social caste (class) and station in life. “In Hinduism, human life is believed to

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