Hinduism and the God Shiva Essay

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Hinduism is a religious tradition compromising of the beliefs and practices of Hindus. The majority of Hindus choose a personal deity who they feel a personal connection with. One can show devotion of a deity in many ways including prayer, ceremonial worship, chanting and even visiting a site sacred to that deity. For my art project I wanted to choose a deity that I could personally connect with, I chose the Hindu deity Shiva. Some of Shiva's characteristics are devotion, self-confidence as a motivating force, selfless service, and achieving balance on all levels. These are all characteristics and values that I find important. I would especially like to work on the ability to balance the mind, body and spirit, which is where my …show more content…

Essence, Activity and Inertia, is the trident of gunas which are Shiva's main attributes: one can regulate these through ayurvedic cooking. Shiva is also the God of Yogis, a practice of mind, body and consciousness; where life force is regulated by breath, and breath energy is controlled by the mind. These are all different ways one can show devotion to Shiva and provide a path to religious understanding.

Shiva is easy, light and graceful, he is self controlled and celibate. At the same time he is lover of Shakti, goddess of destroying demonic forces and restoring the balance. He was lover to his two previous wives, Sati and Kali. Shiva's first wife was his beloved Sati. He was married to her against her father's wishes. Shiva fell in love with her giving nature, her patience and radiant personality. Meanwhile, her father organized a gathering and invited everyone except Shiva; Sati went uninvited, and her father humiliated her by insulting her lord. Sati then proceeded to sit on the floor, and with her mind fixed on Shiva, she controlled her breath which sparked her inner fire until it consumed her. Shiva was extremely pained by Sati's death and can be seen dancing on his ex-father in law who is responsible for the death of his beloved Sati.

The Devine Mother Kali goddess of time and death was Shiva's

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