Hispanic Culture And United States Culture

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Hispanic culture is eminently different than United States culture. As explained above, there are several ways in which Hispanic culture and United States culture differ. Throughout SPA 210, cultural presentations were given at the conclusion of each chapter. These presentations were informative of different types of Hispanic cultures and why they are that way. They provided multiple statistics on the cultures and how certain events had affected and shaped the culture as a whole. Also, throughout the duration of the course, a hand full of films were shown in order to further our understanding of Hispanic cultures. These films presented useful for visual representations. All of the resources used helped aid those in attendance of the class in becoming more globally aware of how different cultures are shaped. SPA 210 has shown various ways in how Hispanic cultures display the qualities that shaped them; moreover, these include their home safety, the way they lead their populations, the way they build trust, and their time management. In Hispanic culture, leading appears different from the United States culture. A hierarchal way of leading developed over time. This can be observed in the reaction to a water crisis in one of the films watched in class. El día menos pensado presents information about a water shortage that occurred in Mexico. A desperate need for water persisted, but the media seemed to be doing nothing about it. The news did not show content about the water
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