Hispanic Culture Research Paper

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United States is an example of the diversity cultures, but the majority is the Hispanic culture. The Hispanic culture has been growing up so fast in this country that currently White Americans does not want them here anymore. Most of White Americans has been debatable about the theme of Hispanics because the fact that they do not speak English, get more jobs than the white people does, taking money that they should not, and think that the Hispanics are bad persons because they could be drug dealers. Hispanics are the persons from Latin America who first language is Spanish; because, they were once colonized by Spain. The reason of why white people get senseless about the fact that Hispanics does not speak English is because they cannot understand them. For example, if a Hispanic says a word or sentence in Spanish white people would not comprehend them and they will get senseless because they think that the person …show more content…

White people has degrees, but also Hispanics does it and most of them speak English and Spanish and in this country finding a job is easier speaking more than one language. For example, a Hispanic would work in the field, restaurants, car washes, or somewhere else because they want a better life for them and their family. However, some white people would reject Hispanics because they preferred giving that job to a white person than a Hispanic who is not from this country. Maria says, “I used to work in the field, but one day I went to a store asking for a job; in fact, the manager asked me if I speak it English and Spanish, so when I said yes the manager gave me the job” (Maria). This case shows that is not that Hispanics get more jobs than white people does is just that you have more opportunities if you speak more than one language. As a final point, Hispanics are hard students who own their degrees and that is why they also find jobs in this

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