Hispanics Habits And Attitudes Towards Drinking

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Belin Romero
SOC 4850-Prof. Park
Literature Review

Hispanics habits and attitudes towards drinking

“US born Latinos have higher rates of alcohol use than the Latino immigrants, but, not enough is known about the drinking patterns of Latinos before their migration to the USA” ( In this literature review, I will be comparing drinking habits and attitudes of different Latino population. In addition, this paper will attempt to further explore to which capacity do Latinos drinking habits and patterns cause concern and what are the underlying factors associated with such drinking habits. “Hispanics are one of the largest and most rapidly growing populations in the United States; they make up 16% or 50 million
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Hispanics drink for many reasons, whether be cultural norms, beliefs and customs or due to other reasons such as isolation, migration, nostalgia and acculturation issues.

How Much Do Hispanics Drink?

How many Hispanics drink depends on their cultural upbringing or beliefs regarding drinking behavior? Not all Hispanics are the same and not all Hispanics have the same beliefs towards drinking. Drinking habits among Hispanics depends on what is socially acceptable in their respective countries, but, here in the United States drinking for Hispanics have different meanings.
According to ( the drinking habits and patters of consumptions among Latinos changes due to many circumstances. “One reason that some Hispanics drink more than others here in the USA depends on factors such as accessibility and affordability”. Secondly, because of isolation from their loved ones as they become more susceptible to engage in risky drinking habits than in their countries.
In most Hispanic cultures drinking revolves around gatherings with friends, celebrations of all types but, it is done in moderation, however; due to the isolation or being away from family drinking can lead to alcoholism for some. Another huge reason for the patterns of drinking is due to something called acculturation which; is adapting or learning, trying to adapt to other values, beliefs or behavior of a new culture such as the one in the united states.
Acculturation is hard for anyone and trying to
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